Built-in Cyberbullying Detection

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What is Securly doing about cyberbullying and self-harm? A lot.

Securly has designed the right solutions to the problems faced by many kids in an increasingly digital world.
With every new obstacle kids face, Securly works to keep them safe.

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Safer Schools, Safer Students

Schools maintain safer 1:1 environments through web filters, and cyberbullying/self-harm detection across social media. Securly makes CIPA compliance a breeze.

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911 Alerts

Administrators and parents are alerted whenever bullying or emotional distress is detected. With increase awareness, adults can find the best solutions.

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Auditor for Gmail

Our custom AI scans over 3.5M emails each day for any disturbing sentiment received or made by students over Gmail. At no cost.

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Parent Portal

Securly gives parents a snapshot into their child’s use of school-owned devices. An industry first.

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Because disturbing activity can happen at anytime, safety monitors are staffed 24/7. If there’s something you would want to know about, we make sure you know.

We analyzed over 500,000 social media posts by students to understand the extent of this problem...

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Need to vent? Tweet

71% of flagged activity was made on Twitter, and 26% on Facebook Messenger. Other platforms were a mere 3%.

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1 in 50

Number of posts flagged as related to drugs, profanity, cyberbullying, threats, depression or suicide.

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1 in 1000

Number of posts exhibiting a high risk of suicide.

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Suicide: a statistical analysis

On average, schools face a threat of suicide every 2 weeks.

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Cyberbullying is like any problem faced - Solutions exist

Securly offers solutions

Does this really work?

Dene Dellere Technology Director, South Carolina I just had a student email several other students (Middle School) that he wanted to kill himself. Forwarded immediately to Administration to handle. Does not matter if this is a joke or not as a District we have to take all attempts/announcements serious. Thank you Securly!!!
David Wolford IT Director, Baugo Community Schools It's working amazingly and already alerted us to one potential self harm/suicide situation so we can intervene. We're quite pleased!
Barbara Nesbitt IT Director at Oakley School District To be able to catch clues on social media that would enable admins and teachers to work with parents and get kids the help they need is absolutely worth everything to us as a community.
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Securly offers solutions