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Suicide Prevention Month acts as a reminder of the importance of open dialogue, adult and peer support for kids, and safety solutions in place for schools. But it’s also a good reminder that suicide prevention is year-round, which is why there is 24 by Securly. 24 is a solution (a pairing of AI sentiment analysis and human common sense) that works round-the-clock to alert schools when kids are a threat to others or themselves.

Most importantly, 24 works. The proof is in the growing number of violent incidents diffused and an ever-increasing number of lives saved.

Below are some of those stories:

A View from the Trenches

Our Operations Director discusses how 24 by Securly brings attention to struggles many students face alone, plus the warning signs schools may otherwise not see.

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Kath 02

A Drive for Grades Takes a Toll

The stress of academic achievement drove one student down a dangerous spiral of despair and suicidal thoughts.

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A Little Research Goes a Long Way

A vague email to a friend lead one of our analysts to discover that a 12-year old student was actually a danger to herself.

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Testing for Depression

An online depression test led to the discovery of a student’s downward mental health spiral - and eventual suicidal thoughts.

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A Nightmare Scenario

A horrible dream of being physically violated triggered a young student to thoughts of self harm and a suicide plan.

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Quickly Losing Hope

A heartfelt email to a friend alerted an analyst to a student who, after a long battle with depression, was ready to end it all.

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Struggles with a Relationship Ending

A desperate email led one of our analysts to discover a student in despair and threatening self-harm after a breakup.

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In recognition of Suicide Prevention Month, please share this email with your district’s staff. It will broaden awareness of available solutions, potentially quell bullying, or even result in another life saved.

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