Cyberbullying & self-harm detection for Google Mail.

Auditor helps schools be on the lookout for signs of distress. With Auditor, adults will know when a student needs help.

Gmail Monitoring

Auditor monitors Gmail for signs of bullying or intentions of self-harm. Currently, Auditor is monitoring 6 million emails a day across the US. It is literally saving lives.


Using AI to Detect Cyberbullying

Securly’s AI uses natural language processing (e.g. slang, writing style) to look for and then flag any signs of cyberbullying or self-harm.


Alerts to Guidance Counsellors and Parents

If a disturbing post is found, Auditor alerts guidance counsellors. In many cases, this might be the only insight adults get to a student’s suffering, allowing them to create the necessary solutions.


Auditor+ Coming Soon

Along with providing safety over Gmail, Auditor+ provides safety alerts sourced from Google Docs. Violent intentions can be flagged and addressed before violence ever occurs.