Cyberbullying & self-harm detection for G Suite

Auditor helps schools be on the lookout for signs of distress. With Auditor, adults will know when a student needs help. 

Image Scanning

Detects nudity within image files stored on Google Drive, as well as attachments sent through Gmail or Office 365.


Google Docs & Gmail Monitoring

Scans Google Docs and Gmail for sentiment and keywords symbolic of grief, bullying, and self-harm intentions.

Auditor Gdocs400

Alert Sensitivity Configuration

Lets schools set custom confidence scores for triggering alerts, plus determine which staff email receives which alerts.

300 W

Real-time Human Intervention

Messages flagged by our AI are reviewed by real people on our staff. If a high risk is determined, schools are contacted ASAP.


Alerts to Guidance Counselors and Parents

If a disturbing post is found, Auditor alerts guidance counselors. In many cases, this might be the only insight adults get to a student’s suffering, allowing them to create the necessary solutions.

Gmail Scanning

Scans Gmail for signs of grief,bullying, and self-harm


Ability to compile all flagged alerts

Image Scanning

Scans for nudity in email attachments and within Google Drive

Google Docs

Detects suspicious activity within Google Docs

Alert Sensitivity Configuration

Districts can configure alert by type and designate staff by type