Deploy in Minutes with DNS

DNS is that acronym and tool most of us pay little attention to. With Securly, a simple change to your district’s DNS can literally save lives.

Step 1

Point your DNS forwarders to Securly, then push out certificates via GPO. That's it! You're set!

J3 Dns Roadmap Illustration 1

Step 2

Securly uses DNS as a "hook" to proxy websites in the cloud.

J3 Dns Roadmap Illustration 2

Step 3

Securly decrypts traffic to Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, then uses fancy-shmancy tech to determine the user’s ID.

J3 Dns Roadmap Illustration 3

Step 4

Securly routes social media posts through a quick analysis by our AI engine. Disturbing sentiments are flagged and an alert is generated to school counselors.

J3 Dns Roadmap Illustration 4

A few taps on your keyboard leads to a simple DNS change, which leads to safer students and possibly lives saved. You'll know that every life saved was because of you and your openness to rethinking what DNS can do.