Identity Provider

The only web filter to make the auditing easy as a pie!

Any Device, Anywhere, Any SSO

Securly is the first web filter built from the ground up for K-12 schools. We make auditing simple no matter how your students and staff authenticate.

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If logging into G-Suite is part of your students’ workflow, authentication and auditing are seamless (work on all browsers and all devices – not just Chromebooks!). We pull your OUs right out of G-Suite and map them to granular pieces. 

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On Prem-AD

Hosts that are joined to your AD domain get authenticated to Securly in the cloud with a little bit of magic that you’ll have to see to believe.

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Azure AD

iDevices going home can authenticate with Azure AD credentials. This makes us the industry’s only web filter to support all popular cloud-based SSO options. 

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