From our cloud to your school. Web filtering at the speed of light

500 new websites are created each minute making filtering for any IT admin a Homeric task. The odds of a student stumbling upon a risky site increases every time they log on. PageScan sweeps new websites and determines its safety in less time than it takes a student to type a search.

Cloud-based Means Speed

No more tying up critical bandwidth with antiquated, manual data collection. PageScan is cloud-based, so works fast. How fast? An average scan and filter of new sites in under 1.3 seconds. That fast.

Securly Illustration Page Scan 1

A Blocklist That Learns

PageScan learns on its own, logging each site and building upon itself. So, if a kid in Texas searches a new site and gets blocked, kids anywhere else (from Stockton to Manhattan) are kept safe indefinitely.

Securly Illustration Page Scan 2

Low False Positives

PageScan is smart. Like smartypants smart. With the ability to differentiate between acceptable and unsafe, PageScan has one of the lowest rates of false positives around.

Securly Illustration Page Scan 3 V2

Securly offers a suite of products that work in concert to keep your students safe online, including automated detection of cyberbullying on Gmail and social media. 

Still need convincing? Sign up for a free trial. You’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

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