October is Bullying Awareness Month

Tackle the problem year-round

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so does bullying.

When it happens in the open, adults can literally step between a bully and their victim. But what about when the bullying is done online or via text? How can adults help?

The most critical factor is knowing when bullying happens. Because kids may not always be forthcoming, Securly offers ways for schools to know when to act.

Automated Alerts

Schools are alerted whenever bullying is detected on 1:1 devices, including social media and emails. These alerts provide insight for schools to determine the best solutions.

Securly Bullying Statements A

Alerts by Real People

Common sense and good judgment are used by our staff when alerting schools to bullying, whether these are sourced from:

  • Anonymous tips submitted by students

  • Messaging flagged by our AI and sent to our staff for analysis

Securly Bullying Statements C

Why Awareness Matters

To be able to catch clues on social media that would enable admins and teachers to work with parents and get kids the help they need is absolutely worth everything to us as a community.

 - Barbara Nesbitt, Technology Director, South Carolina

Securly Bullying Statements B

Bullies have always existed, it’s true. But with increased awareness, we can provide a safer environment for kids and an overall safer childhood. Who doesn’t want that for students everywhere?