Internet safety for kids

From viewing a child’s online activity to managing rules for screentime, SecurlyHome provides internet parental controls for iPads, Android devices, and help manage multiple kids in a family. But SecurlyHome is not just about giving parents controls, it’s also about keeping parents in the loop. With kids’ mobile device use reporting, parents can see if a child is inadvertently putting themselves in harm’s way (e.g. keeping online activity age appropriate). Parents receive alerts to help stop online bullying on a child’s device, an unfortunate reality for many kids. Parents with older kids have been thankful for the alerts received that indicated their child was depressed, feeling hopeless, or engaging in self-harm. SecurlyHome safeguards by blocking inappropriate online content, while providing safer Google searching for kids, even safe YouTube videos. And for parents, the worry-free peace of mind they’ve been needing as they adapt to raising children whose lives are increasingly integrated with technology. Whether it’s setting time limits by app on your child’s devices, managing a kid's cell phones, monitoring kids' texts, blocking strangers from your child online, or monitoring your child’s social media activity, our job is to make your job easy.

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Parenting kids in a digital world can feel overwhelming. As educational and entertaining as the internet can be, it can also confuse kids with things they can’t unsee. Securly builds solutions that let you keep your kids safe in life and online.

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Weekly Email Reports

Each week, parents receive a summary of their child’s online activity at school. Now you can know if they’re staying focused on learning.


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Parents can view their child’s search history or social media activity from any Android or iOS device.

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Tested and Proven in Schools and with Parents

Dad 5

Parents need tools to help level the playing field and Securly lets them get into the game so they can have engaging conversations about values and even negative consequences.

Ben Davidson

Mom 5

My son used to delete all his game playing internet history so I couldn’t see it. Well, not anymore! Now he knows I get the full report whether he deletes it or not!

Maureen Munster

Mom 4

Because I’m aware of the things my kid is viewing, they choose better websites because they know I'll be getting an email. It's helped open the lines of communication.

Lisa Quinton


Knowing what my child was searching for at school made it easier for us to have discussions about those topics at home.

Brooke Braid

Dad 2

We were disappointed and distressed to see the amount of time our kids were spending looking at non-school websites and videos.

Michael Abis

Mom 8

I appreciate having visibility to what my daughter is looking at online so we can talk openly about being safe and responsible.

Jen Green

Mom 7

After knowing what my son was looking at on the internet, I contacted the school counselor so my son had someone to talk to. It helped him a lot.

Tanya Baudin

Mom 3

Securly enables me to know when to intervene in my kids’ online searches. I can discuss things with my kids before a serious problem can occur.

Valerie Dabaugh

Dad 3

Securly gave me an opportunity to talk about family values topics I didn’t realize my daughters were even aware of.

J. Kiers

Mom 6

After I saw some terms my daughters googled, it led to a conversation about adult topics they’d heard at school.

Tina Griffith

Dad 6

It helped me learn my daughter was trying to lose weight, someone told her she was fat, she believed them, so she was trying not to eat at all.

K. Beari

Mom 9

Helps my child stay focused on her work and not get distracted by non-educational websites.

Vera Melanina

Mom 1

If I see my son playing games during school, he loses his screen time at home for the next 24 hours. I love being able to hold him accountable.

Maureen M.