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Student with iPad staying safe online with school web filtering
Discover what you can do with Securly by your side

Discover what you can do with Securly by your side

We believe all districts—large or small, public or private, and all around the world—deserve smart, cost-effective solutions that help them do what matters most—protect student wellness, help teachers be at their best, and build strong relationships with parents and communities.

A happy student is supported by student mental health and wellness monitoring

Support whole-student wellness

Take a proactive, holistic approach to keeping your students safe from harm while supporting them as they learn and grow. From ensuring time spent online is on-task to keeping an eye out, at all hours, for signs of distress, Securly supports student wellness from all angles.

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Work wonders with your 1:1

Devices for education are as necessary and commonplace as backpacks and school buses. Whether your school is 1:1 or BYOD, devices need to be managed for functionality and online safety. Securly helps your school manage any device with ease.

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A student’s Apple device is managed by mobile device management (MDM)
A student is more successful when parents/caregivers are involved in their education

Build connections beyond campus

Strengthen the connection between your school and its community by giving parents insight into their child’s life and learning online, giving students a voice in reporting safety incidents, and securing school grounds by verifying every visitor who comes to campus.

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Go hybrid with ease

Securly solutions help schools stay flexible and embrace new learning models. From offsite filtering for when devices head home, to time-saving, focus-keeping tools teachers can use to keep classes on track at school, at home, or in any learning environment in between.

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Students stay safe and engaged during remote and hybrid learning
Securly helps K-12 schools increase student safety, student wellness, and student engagement

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Build your own solution

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