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Securly protects students on computers throughout the school while giving them safe access to 21st century learning tools like YouTube, Google and Wikipedia. No hardware. No software.


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How does Securly improve teaching and learning?

Safe Search

Securly blocks inappropriate search terms on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Safe Social Media

Securly filters out age-inappropriate pages (URLs) from social-media websites like Wikipedia, Blogs, etc.

YouTube EDU / YouTube for Schools

Securly allows teachers and admins to provide a whitelisted version of YouTube to their students.

YouTube Safety Mode

Admins can optionally enforce the safety-mode on YouTube to provide an open but safe environment where videos flagged by the YouTube community are filtered out.

Google Apps for Education Integration

Securly is the first and only web-filter to allow Single Sign On and per-OU policies using GAfE.

Take-home 1:1 Chromebook Filtering

Securly is the first and only web-filter to allow zero-touch filtering of 1:1 take home Chromebooks. Policy is applied seamlessly based on the user.

Take-home 1:1 Device Filtering

Securly provides ubiquitous protection of take-home iPad, Windows, Mac, Android and Chromebook devices.

Relaxed Take-home 1:1 Policies

Securly is the first and the only web-filter to provide relaxed policies on take-home 1:1 devices when the devices are off school premises.

Appliance-free Active Directory Integration

Securly integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP directories by using Google Apps for Education as a Identity Provider (IdP).

School Focused Filter Categories

Handpicked categories that make sense for Schools. Admins are not overwhelmed by enterprise categories such as Radio, Television, Humor!

Bypass Blocked Pages

Teachers and admins can bypass pages blocked for students using their Google Apps accounts.

Locked-down (Whitelisted) Mode

Admins can create whitelisted environments for certain Org Units (e.g. for online tests or elementary students) for added security.

Whitelisting by Teachers

Admins can allow teachers to temporarily or permanently whitelist individual sites as exceptions to an entire blocked category.

Per Policy/School White and Black Lists

White and Black lists can be created for entire district, individual schools or even individual Org Units.

Forced Logins

Admins can require that all users logon before browsing thereby giving greater visibility into student activity for compliance and student achievement analysis.

Granular Audit Trail

Securly provides downloadable trail of student activity and teacher whitelisting for offline analysis.

Representative Customers

Webb City Aspire Milpitas Unified School District

Brian Sullivan
Securly is hands down the best web-filter for K-12. Their product scores major points across several categories. It is very easy to use and even easier to implement. We have used several other enterprise solutions in the past. Some were adequate, and some underperformed. I am happy to report that Securly exceeded expectations."

Brian Sullivan, Senior Systems Administrator
Aspire Public Schools


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