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Deploy in Minutes

All you need is 5 minutes. Our cloud-based solution takes less time to roll out than ordering a pizza. And with Securly, there’s no heartburn.

Works at Home

Chromebook Filtering
Cloud-based filtering for 1:1 Chromebooks at school and at home. No proxying or SSL certificates. You’re welcome.

1:1 iPads, Windows, & Macs
Support for all of 1:1 devices including iPads, Windows, Macs, and Android/Nexus tablets. We’ve got you covered.

Take Home Policies
Location-based policies for when 1:1 devices are brought home. When kids aren't in school, let them have a social (media) life. 

Cyberbullying & Self-Harm Detection

Securly’s AI audits student posts across Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Its algorithms use natural language processing (e.g. slang, writing style) to look for and then flag any signs of cyberbullying or self-harm.

Parental Integration

From their iOS or Android device, parents can access reports about their child's online activity on school-owned devices. 

Excellent Support

Our award-winning support team is staffed by ISP and enterprise network engineers with broad K-12 experience. This team loves to help customers, which is why our customers say 'Thank you!' 

Our Schools Love Us

Brian Sullivan

Securly is hands down the best web filter for K-12. It is very easy to use and even easier to implement.

Brian Sullivan

Systems and Network Manager
Aspire Public Schools

Matt Ryan

Why didn't I hear about this before? Probably because I spent so much of my time sinking $$$ into [appliance vendor]!

Matt Ryan

Director of Technology
Western Springs School District 101

Glenn Walker

This is awesome! I love it! Just set it up in like 5 minutes.

Glenn Walker

Director of IT
KIPP New Orleans