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Support your students' emotional health and wellness

Protect your students wherever learning occurs

Your students' safety is essential to their development and learning. Knowing that you're maintaining a watchful eye provides the security they need—and helps support good choices. You can trust our technology solutions to help you provide a safe environment for students both on your school's campus and online.

A student’s online life is made healthier and safer thanks to wellness monitoring and safety solutions

Deliver a safer, more educational web

Go beyond free filters. Simplify CIPA compliance with low-maintenance, cloud-based school web filtering. With Securly Filter, you can ensure a secure learning environment on any device or operating system with minimal IT effort.

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We chose Securly Filter to provide an appliance-less, scalable, and CIPA-compliant solution to protect our students. I'm not sure where we would be without Securly in our district. It has become part of our culture and provides us the additional support we need.

Tom Walker

Director of Technology, Massac Unit School District #1


Simplify hall passes and strengthen campus safety

By streamlining the hall pass request process and providing real-time monitoring, Pass helps schools track student movement, reduce class disruptions, and respond more effectively in emergency situations.

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Simplify hall passes and strengthen campus safety
Keep your campus secure

Keep your campus secure

To ensure your students are safe at school, you need to know who's on your campus. And that they are who they say they are. With Securly Visitor, you can streamline and automate guest check-in and student check-out to keep your community safe.

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Student wellness Student wellness
Student wellness

Know who's struggling and intervene quickly

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Student engagement Student engagement
Student engagement

Help students stay focused at school and at home

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Technology Technology

Simplify technology management and cut costs

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