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Simplify hall monitoring

Know who's approved to be out of class - without asking

Make your school safer

Know who's using hall passes and who's on your campus at all times
  • Know which students are out of class with a live and continuously updated dashboard
  • Identify students who are out of class for extended periods or beyond their pass time limit
  • Save vital time by knowing where students are* in the event of a fire, lockdown, or other emergency
    *based on approved pass location, not GPS or location tracking
  • Know who's on your campus and ensure students are picked up by approved adults with automated visitor check-in, identity validation, and background screening

Maximize in-class time

Minimize classroom disruptions and reduce hall pass usage
  • Let students discreetly request passes from their devices (or a kiosk) to minimize disruptions
  • Make it quick and easy for teachers to electronically approve or deny pass requests
  • Set total daily pass limits or set limits by location, grade, or student - totally customizable for your needs
  • Restrict specific students from meeting up in the bathrooms or hallways with Contact Control
  • Limit opportunities for vaping, vandalism, bullying, and other risky or undesirable behaviors
  • See hall pass usage decline by formalizing hall pass procedures and expectations, keeping students accountable

Have the data you need

Analyze hall pass usage, identify trends, and take appropriate action
  • Identify students who are misusing or abusing hall passes and impose daily limits
  • Investigate vaping, vandalism, and bullying by knowing who was using hall passes at the time
  • Pull individual student hall pass records to validate concerns or disciplinary measures
  • Understand hall pass usage in your school and identify trends
  • Know who's requesting and approving passes most often and for what reasons

Thousands of school leaders choose Securly Pass to regain control of student movement and maximize in-class time


schools served


reduction in hall pass usage

43 Million+

Student meetups prevented

Make things easier

Streamline attendance management, appointment scheduling, and more
  • Keep a record of late-to-school and late-to-class events
  • Define and automate tiered tardiness consequences
  • Gain insight into the frequency and patterns of chronic tardiness
  • Make it easy for teachers to schedule student appointments from any device
  • Let students request appointments
  • Send automated appointment reminders
  • Pass Kiosk: Provide pass request and check-in access to students without school or personal devices
  • Auto Pass: Allow students to check themselves in and out
  • Pass Proxy: Let teachers generate passes for students

Take the headache out of hall passes

With Securly Pass, you can improve school safety, control student movement, and maximize instructional time.

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