Securly Classroom imports data using Google APIs to make the data available to you through the Securly Classroom application. Chrome OS data is imported to allow you to view and manage your Chrome devices. Domain information is imported (OU list) to display and allow you to move devices between OUs and activate Lost Mode in Securly Classroom. User profile data is imported to provide class roster information to teachers and recognize students based on their email address. User profile data also provides user photos in Securly Classroom. Classroom APIs are accessed to provide roster information and to allow teachers to access Classwork for use in managing classes.

The sole purpose for accessing all data from your Google domain is to provide the management services included with your Securly account. No data is shared with any outside organization for any reason. The data is used exclusively to provide you the management services of the Securly products to which you subscribe.

Disclosure: Securly Classroom does not transfer information received from Google APIs to any application outside of products that are part of Securly’s integrated suite of applications. The use of all information received through the APIs will adhere to the Google API Services user Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.