The Hub will allow you to control your child's internet experience.

Make your Wi-Fi devices at home safe.

The Hub makes Youtube browsing safe.

Prevent inappropriate videos from showing up!

The Hub makes online searching safer.

Get peace of mind while they’re online. Kids get to explore terms and interests without fear of accidental exposure.

Turn off internet access whenever you want.

Your house means your rules. Pause the internet and get some family time.

Phone Features
  • Activity

    Activity Feed

    View search history and sites visited in real-time per device.

  • Flag

    Flagged By School

    See any activity flagged by your school for bullying, self-harm, drugs or other concerning content

  • Rules


    Limit your child's exposure to categories like Gaming, Violence and Adult Content.

  • Pause

    Pause Internet

    Get their undivided attention by pausing the internet.

Wi Fi

Parent Wi-Fi is NOT affected

The Hub will only affect your child's device(s).


Email reports and notifications

Real-time notifications that will keep you updated on their activity.


Manage profiles

Have multiple kids with multiple needs? No problem.

Let us show you

This short video explains how the Hub works with your existing Wi-Fi.

Iphone App

30 Day Free-Trial

$5.99/month after

(no contracts or commitments)

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