Where teachers become admins

Tracking assignments, keeping students focussed on the lesson at hand, whitelisting and blacklisting individual Classroom environments. These reasons (and more) are why classroom management solutions are necessary. And because they’re necessary, Securly decided that they should be accessible to everyone at no-cost.

Import Over in a Single Click

No customs claims needed for this import. Google Classroom API student rosters are imported into Classroom by Securly in a single click. All of the information you need accessible in a moment’s notice and always within reach.

Classroom Email

Your Classroom, Your Rules

With Classroom by Securly, teachers are also the IT admins of their class with the ability to whitelist websites relevant to your course and blacklist everything else.

Classroom Email Blackboard

Focused Students are the Ones Learning

By defining their own classroom environments, teachers can be sure that students are focused and nobody’s time is wasted.

Classroom Teacher Baker

Beginning early 2018, Classroom by Securly will be rolling out to everyone on our priority list. To be part of the first wave of change in classroom management, sign up to be prioritized.