Keeps tipsters safe, schools in the know, and bullies on alert.

Tipline analyzes anonymous tips, monitors email and social media for active dangers, all the while performing risk assessments to weed out false alerts. Meaning, when Tipline sends schools an alert, it’s for a good reason.

Fewer False Alerts

Automated alerts can overwhelm school staff with false alerts that turn out to be a misinterpretation by the system. Tipline by Securly works hard to inform, not overwhelm.

Tipline Sendy Illustration 1 V2

Risk Assessment

With Tipline, you get real people working alongside AI to take a closer look. Only after dangers are analyzed and deemed credible do schools receive alerts. Other systems cannot (or simply choose not to) do this.

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Alerts That Matter

Getting 100’s of false alerts only increases the odds of you overlooking the one real alert. That’s why alerts sent by Tipline stand apart from those sent by other services. We only send the ones that deserve your attention.

Tipline Sendy Illustration 3 V2

With Tipline’s many tools and resources at work, schools only get the alerts that matter. Whether it’s bullying, assault, or even the potential for gun violence, the right tip can have a major impact.